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Fedora 21 Schedule
This is the release schedule for Fedora 21. Historical schedules are maintained on a separate page.


Key Proposed Changes

Key Milestones

2013-12-17 Fedora 20 Release
2014-04-08 Change Proposals Submission Deadline (System Wide Changes)
2014-05-26 Side Tag Builds Deadline
2014-06-06 Mass Rebuild
2014-07-08 Changes Freeze--Planning & Development Ends
Branch Fedora 21 from Rawhide
2014-08-19 Software String Freeze
Alpha Change Deadline
2014-09-02 Alpha Release
2014-09-23 Software Translation Deadline
Beta Change Deadline
Accepted Changes 100% Complete
2014-10-07 Beta Release
2014-10-28 Final Change Deadline
2014-11-11 Fedora 21 Final Release

Detailed Schedules

Upstream Project Schedules

Links to other significant project schedules--useful for seeing how Fedora aligns with them.

Feel free to add any other significant projects schedules!