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1. System Identification

When you ssh into, you get some information including this bit:

Security Category: Low Primary Contact: Fedora Admins - Purpose: Provide hosting space for Fedora contributors and Fedora Planet

This comes from

That's pretty neat. A lot of big organizations may have policies and a system like that, but it strikes me as something that would be neat to integrate into Fedora Server by default.


To be honest I think it is a terrible idea to drop this information into an /etc file, because it would be a maintenance burden with the very plausible outcome of being a source of confusion.

This kind of information is normally held into a centralized catalog for obvious reasons, if you have that many systems that you need to write this down, you have to many to consult them one by one anyway, you need a central place where you can report on this stuff.

And you do not want to have to create services to synchronize this information locally. It is just useless busy work. But once the file exist you have to do it because otherwise people can get confused (or worse, programs can misbehave) if the information in the local file is wrong.