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Purpose: Oversee, define, and improve on the Fedora Project's work with students contributing as part of their classwork or summer internship, and do so in a way that provides a general framework re-deployable by other open source projects seeking to do the same.

Fedora Project and were not accepted as mentoring organizations for the 2010 Google Summer of Code.
More information will be posted at GSoC 2010 when available.

What are we doing?

Information changing rapidly, pay attention
We are accelerating some of our efforts in response to our unexpectedly not being accepted to Google Summer of Code 2010. If you want to participate in what is happening, join the mailing list and keep track of changing information on this page.

We're working on the execution of summer coding initiatives within Fedora. Effectively, what we're trying to do is take the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) model and generalize and expand it to the notion of $FUNDING_SOURCE Summer of Code by providing sample implementations of alternative values of $FUNDING_SOURCE alongside our continued participation in GSoC.

For a 7-minute video explanation, see Summer Of Code Swimchart: Now With More Generic.

Sponsoring Organizations

While our efforts began with the Google Summer of Code, we are now working with several other sponsoring organizations to maximize the opportunities for students to work on free and open source projects under our guidance.

Refer to the Summer Coding Sponsors page for more.

How can you help?

Right now, join our #Communication channels and introduce yourself and what you're interested in - we're working together to define more formal roles for those who want to know their time investment beforehand. That discussion will be carried out on the list, and the more formal roles will be announced on the Fedora mailing lists and planet when they are ready.


  • 23 March - Agenda for 24 March meeting
  • Open beyond that currently


Mailing List

The project mailing list is the main discussion location:


You can find SIG members regularly on IRC in:

Joint work performed across teams, such as with, is discussed in:


Meetings are every week on Wednesday at 1500 UTC in:


Currently open until we decide the scope of what we are doing for 2010.