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Fedora Students Contributing T-Shirt Design

T-shirt Specifications

Color of the T-Shirt Up to you! You can choose white, black, Fedora blue, or any color you want to work with.
Number of Colors for Print 1-color screen print.
Sides of T-Shirt to design for You can create a 2-sided (front & back) design if you'd like! Or you can pick one design. It's up to you!
Main T-shirt design It must include the phrase 'Fedora Students Contributing' - Please use the font 'Comfortaa' for this text. (download below)
Logos The Fedora logo should appear somewhere on the shirt. There are also three corporate sponsors whose logos must be placed on the T-shirt. Those sponsors are in order, Red Hat,, and Indifex. I will email all of these logos to the designer who claims this task directly. Please understand these corporate logos are trademarked and need to be treated sensitively, which is why they are not posted on this wiki.


Mentorship / Help

Please consider Máirín Duffy, the Fedora Design Team lead, as your mentor for this project. Click here for her contact information.

At any point if you need help, also consider the following two resources:

Comfortaa Font


You'll need to use Comfortaa for the 'Fedora Students Contributing' text.

Fedora Logo & Sponsor Logos Artwork

Máirín Duffy should have emailed you a copy of the logos. If you need another copy, please contact Máirín.

T-Shirt Mockup Template

Artwork T(2d)Shirt tshirt.png

Please feel free to use this T-shirt template to mockup your T-shirt ideas. It was created by Fedora Design Team member Nicu Buculei. You can open it up in Inkscape.