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= The Summer of Code =
In 2005, Google sponsored the first annual Summer of Code event.  This event pairs collegiate students with mentors from open source projects.  The mentor helps the student complete an open source project over the course of the summer, giving the student an opportunity to experience open source development and the community that surrounds it first-hand.  This valuable experience introduces new contributors to open source, results in new and innovative projects, and rewards participants with a little cash for their effort.
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== Official Resources ==
* - The official Summer of Code website
* - Project Site
== Student and Project Requirements ==
Students who wish to work with the Fedora Project for the Summer of Code event must meet the eligibility requirements as set by Google and covered in the program's official [ FAQ] .
Projects developed with the Fedora Project must also be covered by an adequate Free and Open Source license.  These are outlined by the [ OSI]  and [ FSF] .  The Fedora Project prefers the GPL for software, but other free and open source licenses are also acceptable.  Separate documentation should be placed under the OPL v1.0 without options to be adopted by Fedora Documentation, but can otherwise be placed under any free license, including the GNU FDL.
Projects must also not be in violation of any law of the United States or of the state of North Carolina.  Software that may infringe upon copyrights or patents is not eligible.  Projects that require or link to non-Free software will also not be considered.
While not explicitly required for participation, students are encouraged to register in the [[Infrastructure/AccountSystem| Fedora Account System]]  and to complete the Contributor License Agreement (CLA).  With a completed CLA, students can request privileges to edit this wiki and can gain access to other Fedora resources.
We strongly encourage students to get involved with the Fedora Community.  Throughout the duration of the program, students can access Fedora developers and users through mailing lists and IRC to get help and feedback that their mentor cannot provide.  The Fedora Community is full of talented and friendly individuals that will be happy to help a student.  [[Communicate]]
== Project Ideas ==
The [[FedoraBounties]] page contains projects that the Fedora community would like to see completed, but which have not yet been undertaken.  These will generally be the best candidates for Summer of Code projects with the Fedora Project.  Each of the Fedora sub-projects will have needs of its own, so [[Communicating and getting help|communicating]]  with other Fedora Project contributors will likely reveal more great ideas.  The [[Mentors|Fedora Mentors]]  project, a permanent mentoring initiative of the Fedora Project, may also be able to help students get started.
== Volunteering as a Mentor ==
Any Fedora contributor with a solid track record within the project is welcome to help mentor a student.  Serving as a mentor is easy, and you won't be left standing alone.  If you're interested, contact [[PatrickBarnes]].
== Related Pages ==
* [[FedoraBounties]] - Projects that the Fedora Project would like to see completed that have not yet been undertaken
* [[Join|Join]]  - Starting point for new contributors to the Fedora Project
* [[Mentors]]  - The permanent Fedora Mentors program always provides mentors for all new contributors
* [[SummerOfCode/Posters|Summer of Code Posters]]  - Fedora posters for the Summer of Code
== References ==
* - Short redirect to this page.
Mailing list thread: "Google's Summer of Code 2007"
Mailing list thread: "Google's Summer of Code 2006"
Mailing list thread: "Fedora Bounties (seeking ideas)"
== Past Events ==
The Fedora Project has proudly participated in past Summer of Code events.  These projects have introduced valuable contributors and projects to the Fedora Project.
* [[Summer of Code 2007]]
* [[Summer of Code 2006]]
* [[Summer of Code 2005]]
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