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==  Hi guys just installed fedora 13 and had some problems setting up. using 500gb hard drive on Intel i686. Upgraded from f 12 and when loading the new system, partitions could not be setup manually. No access to logical volume setup, so used complete reformat. That also didn't reformat the drive correctly, so used spfdisk and reformatted the drive as it had errors on it.
  Then re-installed the system and then booted. had to do yum update as no kpackagekit access. All fine after yum update. all seems good so far now!. Have been playing with red-hat for 10 years now and have been waiting for this to be as good as it is now, just as well as was getting sick of windows.
  Live in Australia and Microsoft has dominated the market for so long!. Would like to get this software out to as many people as possible! Would like to become and agent and build up the fedora name in Australia. I am an ex-Telstra tech who has been building carrier systems for 20 year now for Telstra and they are forcing people to use Microsoft or mac and will not give any help to Linux users. Funny because Telstra uses red-hat to run their network!

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