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Events and event owners

Date Event Location Owner Description Estimated Attendance Report Link
January Lit-OL Oldenburg Matthias Runge, Christoph Wickert 100
February, 2+3 FOSDEM Brussels Christoph Wickert, TBD 6000

Todo items

  • Have we been at Fosscomm Greece in 2012?
  • Froscon 2012 is not in the events list
  • Did FSF-OSSC take place? Were we there? It's not in the list of events
  • FSCons 2012 is not in events list. Who was there?
  • Events with talks should not be called FAD, but how do we call them? Ask for ideas on ambassadors and marketing list.


Event budget

We currently calculate a budget of 11.700 EUR for all events

Questions and Todo items

  • Premier events budget process (see Budget for this FAD and FAmSCo ticket 296
    • FADs should no longer be premier events because the premier events process is broken.
  • Ticket should state who approved what when! (link ot meeting minutes)
  • Fedora does not feed you -> exception for contributors dinners etc.
  • What about cheeting? You can ask 5 different people for USD 499 each and bypass the UDS 2000 limit.
  • Even peer approvals need a ticket. Person who approves an expense needs to state that in the ticket (and not the requester).
  • Complete budget vs. several tickets: Event owner will request budget for his event. Attendees who need sponsorship need to file their requests in different tickets, because they are approved/denied on an individual base. Individual tickets should block the main event ticket.
  • Who is managing the "discretionary spending"?

Swag shipping and management

  • Everything should happen in trac, which needs to be improved (halfway done, Christoph, Jiri)
  • updating inventory does not work. People receive stuff but don't add it.
    • TODO: mail people about left over swag and tell them to reply by mail (Jiri)

Eventbox (content, missing)

  • We think that an event box does not make much sense for EMEA, instead:
    • give away swag will be sent out from Brno by Jiri
    • big/expensive/important goods like banners, laptops etc. will be stored at certain key people who attend a lot of events.
    • Big things like banners should remain in one country and not be shipped across borders because this is where it gets expensive.
  • TODO: Produce 10 new banners. GeroldKa to get a quote.
  • TODO: 10 new table cloth

Swag production & shipping

  • Bottle openers
  • Jiri and Christoph to get quotes for bottle openers. Go for the cheaper ones.
  • 1000 Buttons (Jiri)
  • New batch of metal pins, but bigger
  • Baloons (Gerold, Jiri)
  • Sticky notes, white logo and wordmark (Christoph, Jiri)
  • More cheatcubes: updated for systemd, distro-neutral for lvm, selinux, bash, vim (Gerold, Zoltan)
  • Soccer/Baseball style shirt (Christoph, Gerold)
  • Exclusive polos or dress shirt for contributors. Something classic (Santaftex, Gerolds)
  • Jiri ordered Polos for devconf, they were ~ 15 EUR each
  • A blue shirt (Jens, Jiri)
  • Bicycle cloth, even if it is just a small batch and we have to pay ourselves (Robert)
  • Soft shell (Christoph, Gerold)
  • Towels, white with stiched logo (Jens, Gerold)
  • metal Keychain, just like the FEFE ones (Christoph)
  • Pens (Christoph, Jiri)
  • Pen set (ball pen and pencil), slightly more exclusive, probably around 5-6 EUR (Gerold)
  • all purpose Flyers
  • Umbrella


[[1]] still mentions the NPO and needs update: See NA page for example.


  • Buy 100 Raspberry Pies plus blue cases with Fedora logo. Have a raffle and give away 10 on each major event.
  • Demo laptops for EMEA. AFAIK NA got some used Thinkpads from RH. Ask inode0 about it.


  • Standard presentations:
    • Introduction to the Fedora Project
    • Introduction to Fedora 18 (Fedora X talking points)
    • available in the wiki, localized for different languages
  • Ambassadors Help (Jiri) or Fedora Ambassadors Handbook
  • Ganesai is not in Switzerland but in India

Ambassadors program in EMEA

How to bring new people into the project

  • Make them join (at least) one major event
  • personal development plan for the first year
  • actively recruit people from the local communities (, #fedora-de) and social networks
  • country-wide event: Organize anGet all ambassadors of a country together.

  • official vs. unofficial communities?
    • fragmentation
  • TODO: Discounts for RH training
  • TODO: Tell Pierros he does not live in Germany
  • TODO: Make Hand de Goede an ambassador
  • TODO: Henrikas Jurkauskas no full name in FAS
  • TODO: Clean up the "other" and "unknown" categories in the country list

Fedora ambassadors census

  • How many ambassadors are there in your country?
  • How many of them are active?


  • How many events did Fedora attend in the last 12 months?
  • How much money do you think to need for these events?
  • What are your fundings? Do you have sponsors?
  • What do you need to run these events (equipment, swag, slides)
  • How many local community sites are there?
    • Do they work together or are there problems?

Making the census happen

2 people responsible per country:

  • Austria: Matthias Summer, Oliver Falk
  • Belgium: *Bert Desmet, Gratien Dhaese, vincent van der kussen
  • Czech republic: Jiri Eischmann, Jaroslav Reznik
  • France: Haïkel Guémar, Kévin Raymond
  • Germany: Gerold Kassube, Christoph Wickert
  • Greece: Christos Bacharakis, Nikos Roussos
  • Hungary: Zoltán Hoppár, Gergely Rákosi
  • Israel: Elad Alfassa,
  • Italy: Robert Mayr, Gianluca Sforna
  • Romania: Iosif Bancioiu
  • Russia: Misha Shnurapet, Inna Kabanova
  • Spain: Jukka Palander, Alvaro Castillo
  • Sweden: Lars Delhage, Göran Uddeborg
  • Switzland: Fabian Affolter,
  • Turkey: Onuralp SEZER
  • UK: Keiran Smith, Paul Mellors
  • Cosovo: Ardian Haxha, Gent Thaçi