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Questions & Answers

Q: LuyaTshimbalanga: What happened to early-login project?

  • Ray Strode: early-login was ditched a while ago, though, Jon Nettleton recently started something similiar. See fedora-desktop-list

Q: MartinJürgens: The shutdown experience should also be nice and shiny. Would be nice if this spec would include that.

  • Ray Strode: potentially, although I'd like shutdown to just be 'kill all processes that have open files' and cut power

Q: MikePetullo: There is an effort to bring encrypted root filesystems to Fedora. One of the weaknesses of our work so far is that we can't provide an internationalized encryption key prompt very early in the boot process (i.e., in the initrd). Could this better startup feature allow us to do this?

  • Ray Strode: Given that encrypted block devices are slated for F9, i think we have to bring this into account. I talked to Jeremy Katz about this last week some. The answer to the i18n problem, may be to use icons instead of text. We could potentially have text, but it means bringing in my libraries, potentially translations, etc

Incomplete Items For Feature Acceptance

Please update the following items and change the category of this page to CategoryProposedFedora10 once they are completed. The feature wrangler's have a watch on this page and will see your changes.

  1. Please spell out the other dependencies in the dependencies section--"A ton of other dependencies" is unclear:)
  2. Please complete documentation section
  3. Please complete release notes section