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Revision as of 18:32, 22 September 2010 by Bruno (talk | contribs) (Uodates reviewed)

  • Bruno: "Use a seperate buildsystem tag" should probably have a link to instructions on how one does that.
    • Kevin: I added a link to rel-eng trac. There doesn't seem to be a SOP yet for this.
      • Bruno: I thought I wrote something about this up somewhere and had Jesse review it. I'll find it; then you can decide if that's a better reference or not.
  • Bruno: In the pre-beta section I'd like to see a stronger recommendation against breakage and soname bumps shortly before alpha, since that tends to break spin builds and we'd like to have good, current ones at the time of the alpha release.
    • Kevin: I re-worded things. See what you think.
      • Bruno: I'd like to see something similar related to the Alpha release somewhere.
  • Bruno: Should the "Beta to Release" section be named "Beta to Pre Release"?