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| next2 = 17
| next2 = 17
| #default = {{{1}}}
| #default = {{{1}}}
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Template documentation [edit]
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The Template:FedoraVersionNumber template allows the display of Fedora version numbers in relative terms, such as current, next, and previous.

Code What you see
The current version of [[Fedora]] is '''{{FedoraVersionNumber|current}}'''.
The current version of Fedora is 28.
The next version of [[Fedora]] is '''{{FedoraVersionNumber|next}}'''.
The next version of Fedora is 29.
The previous version of [[Fedora]] is '''{{FedoraVersionNumber|previous}}'''.
The previous version of Fedora is 27.
Fedora {{FedoraVersionNumber|previous2}} was two versions ago.
Fedora 26 was two versions ago.
Fedora {{FedoraVersionNumber|next2}} will come two releases from now.
Fedora 30 will come two releases from now.