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* docs ([[DocsProject]])
* docs ([[DocsProject]])
* events ([[FedoraEvents]])
* events ([[FedoraEvents]])
* fonts ([[:Category:Fonts_SIG]])
* fonts ([[:Category:Fonts_SIG|Fonts SIG]])
* infra ([[Infrastructure]])
* infra ([[Infrastructure]])
* websites ([[Websites]])
* websites ([[Websites]])

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This template provides the headers for all the sub-project pages. The syntax is as follows:


where project is replaced by one of:

Adding your project's header to this template

First, pick a short, individual word that describes your group that isn't above. For examples, see above.

We need a header image now. Upload or find your 468x60 header image and get the name of it, including the Image: and the file extension.

Now, edit this template, and above the line that says

|header fail

place a line that contains

|shortname =

replacing shortname with the shortname you wanted to use, and filename.png with the filename.

The last and most important part: document your change! Edit this documentation, and in the list that shows on the page, add your entry and the index page for your sub-project.