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2009-04-16 (Thu) From 12:00 to 21:00 UTC (8am -> 5pm EDT) #fedora-qa)


What to test?

Today's instalment of Fedora Test Day will focus on:

Who's available

The following cast of characters will be available testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion ...

Prerequisites for Test Day

You will need a Fedora 11 Beta system with root access (as we are going to work with yum and rpm). You should have your favourite package set installed. We will provide a repo with F11 Snapshot1 packages with delta RPMs and presto metadata generated, so everybody can do Beta -> Snapshot1 upgrade. Unfortunately there is no live CD for this test day, as you need an installed system to properly test this feature.


cat <<EOF> /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-presto-testday.repo
name=PrestoTestDay F11 Snapshot1 with drpms


cat <<EOF> /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-presto-testday.repo
name=PrestoTestDay F11 Snapshot1 with drpms

Remove with caution
You will be removing packages, make sure not to remove any important ones like kernel, glibc and so on - it happened before!

How to test?

What do we want to test exactly? We want to ensure, that packages serching/installing/updating/uninstalling works, that it works in all the different ways users are using it and that Presto related tools also works.



We will store results in the table below. This page is editable without a Fedora login for those who do not want to sign the CLA, but if you do have a FAS account, please log in before editing.

If you find a bug, please report it through Bugzilla and make it depend on bug PrestoTestDay (just put PrestoTestDay into the Blocks: field). If you do not have an account there, you may create one, or just ask somebody on the #fedora-qa to report the bug for you.

user command/action system downloaded time relevant packages versions other plugins
Markino (aka TopoMorto) yum update VirtualBox 2.2 ...  ???kB real 14m51.956s, user 2m46.799s, sys 1m32.895s yum-3.2.22-4.fc11.noarch yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11.noarch, yum-fastestmirror-1.1.21-2.fc11.noarch no other plugins
Petr Lautrbach yum update kvm-74-11.fc10.x86_64, guest - x86_64, 512M Ram downloaded 236M, would have been downloaded 262M, savings of 10 percent N/A yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11.noarch, yum-3.2.22-1.fc11.noarch -
Michal Nowak yum upgrade kernel host(Rawhide.x86_64) + guest(KVM/F-11-Beta.x86_64) 22 MB v. 9.7 MB saved 57 % the rebuilding rpms from deltas took ~2 mins, but probably worth the savings yum-3.2.21-16.fc11 & yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11 refresh-packagekit
Michal Nowak yum upgrade openoffice.org\* host(Rawhide.x86_64) + guest(KVM/F-11-Beta.x86_64) 129 MB v. 11 MB saved 92 % the rebuilding rpms from deltas took ~3 mins, but definitely worth the savings yum-3.2.21-16.fc11 & yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11 refresh-packagekit
Michal Nowak yum upgrade \*PackageKit\* \*gnome-packagekit\* host(Rawhide.x86_64) + guest(KVM/F-11-Beta.x86_64) 4 MB v. 1.3 MB saved 69 % yum-3.2.21-16.fc11 & yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11 refresh-packagekit
Marcela Maslanova time yum update -y sos --enablerepo=myrepo rawhide downloaded 54K, would have been downloaded 185K, savings of 71 percent real 0m22.392s user 0m7.605s sys 0m1.277s yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11.noarch, yum-3.2.22-1.fc11.noarch no other plugins
Petr Sklenar yum update rawhide; +-beta.i386 to people.redhat.com/psklenar/repodata/i386 downloaded 120M, would have been downloaded 305M, savings of 61 percent yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11.noarch, yum-3.2.22-1.fc11.noarch no other plugins
Riku Seppälä yum update openoffice* 2.6.29- downloaded 11M, would have been downloaded 129M, savings of 92 percent N/A yum-3.2.22-4.fc11.noarch yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11.noarch no other plugins
User:jhutar yum update 8xXeon CPU E5320@1.86GHz, 1GB RAM (from F11Beta to F11Snap1, i386 system, 664 packages) downloaded 130M, would have been downloaded 345M, savings of 63 percent real 21m17.767s, user 9m28.387s, sys 0m56.330s Beta yum + yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11 no other plugins
User:Lmacken yum update Tested on both KDE and GNOME F11 Beta spins, upgrading to F11snap1 Downloaded 197M, would have been 407M. Savings of 52% N/A yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11, deltarpm-3.4.15.fc11
Gireesh Sreekantan yum update Tested updating Beta (Fedora 10.92) to snap 1 with GNOME and LXDE installed - KVM guest Downloaded 197M, would have been 408M. Savings of 52%. yum update transmission gave a savings of 38% Rebuiling took 20minutes - maybe due to KVM yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11, deltarpm-3.4.15.fc11 refresh-packagekit, presto plugins installed
User:jhutar basics 8xXeon CPU E5320@1.86GHz, 1GB RAM as expected no performacne problems observed yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11 refresh-packagekit
User:jhutar yum update 4 x Xeon CPU X3353@2.66GHz; 4GB RAM (from F11Beta to F11Snap1, x86_64 system, 1124 packages) Downloaded 221M, would have been downloaded 799M, savings of 73 percent real 28m58.142s, user 15m52.641s, sys 2m3.990s yum-3.2.22-4.fc11.noarch, yum-presto-0.4.5-4.fc11.noarch no other plugins