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* Email: :[ Click Here]
* Email: :[ Click Here]
* Email:[ Click Here]
* Cell:  Ask me
* Cell:  Ask me
* Fedora: aab
* Fedora: aab

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[edit] Aamir Aijaz Bhutto

I'm living in Karachi/Pakistan. I'm a fan of Open Source and applications.

[edit] Personal Information

[edit] Recent Activites

  • (Resting now a days)
  • Member of a local USG and TKLUG
  • Working with a local Charity Institute on building a solid knowladge base in Open Source programs(mainly OpenOffice, Tux paint, Evolution)

[edit] Fedora

  • Working with Fedora Marketing Team
  • Working as Fedora Ambassador For Pakistan
  • Working with Fedora Free Media Team

[edit] FreeMedia Program Track List

Freemedia Track Record