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Aamir Aijaz Bhutto

My name is Aamir Aijaz Bhutto and i'm living in Karachi/Pakistan. I started using fedora a year ago before that i was working with Red Hat 7.* / 9. I'm a fan of Open Source and Applications like openoffice or evolution. But using Open Source O/S or Applications here in Karachi(Pakistan*) is a bit tough job like there aren't many communites or user groups regarding *nix. I have done my master's in economics and had worked with many financial istitutions.

Personal Information

  • Email:
  • Cell: +923452261753
  • Fedora: aab
  • IRC: AamirBhutto

Recent Activites

  • Worked with Sun Technology to creat a test bed / data grid project
  • Running a local USG(unix security group) and LUG(linux user group)
  • Working with a local Charity Institution on building a solid knowladge base in Open Source programs(mainly OpenOffice, Tux paint, Evolution)


Fedora is a wonderfull Operating System it gives you all the power control you want on your machine. My Reasons to be a part of this project is to let people know about Open Source and Free Programs or Operating system's one like fedora. Here in Pakistan people are not very found of *nix systems mainly because of less or no support regarding software's or machine/device drivers. People are just using the same operating system from decades, The change which we can bring up is by only showing them the new paths, a new way of computing Open Source/Fedora(as a new operating systems). I haven't seen any Linux o/s running for home-use in any single place or as a Stand Alone O/s, because there is no support regarding Software's Or Applications Compatibility is also a major issue here, as people prefer to go for easy installing/ plug n play devices which are not mostly not compatible with previous versions of many distributions. I have been working with some IT Proffesionals over a project where fedora is being used as the core web/network server and its working just fine, so now I'm planing to take this project to Universities and Other institutions. Where we can show people that Fedora* works just fine with your machine no matter if it's intel or Amd Enough Said i guess, but there are so many other issue's still which should have to be resolved like Copy Rights Piracy Low Speed Internet Connections etc etc which are hurdles in Open Source|Fedora way. Feel Free to contact me on given address