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(Fedora Test Day (04/21/2011))
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*'''Twitter''': [!/StylusEater @StylusEater]
*'''Twitter''': [!/StylusEater @StylusEater]
== Fedora Test Day (04/21/2011) ==
! User
! Smolt Profile
! [[QA:Testcase_gnome3_fallback|Fallback]]
! [[QA:Testcase_desktop_date|Date]]
! [[QA:Testcase_desktop_keyring|Keyring]]
! [[QA:Testcase_totem_basic|Totem]]
! [[QA:Testcase_generic_video_multihead|Multihead]]
! [[QA:Testcase_desktop_uri|URIs]]
! [[QA:Testcase_desktop_message_notification|Notification]]
! [[QA:Testcase_gnome-shell_dash|Dash]]
! [[QA:Testcase_gnome-shell_workspaces|Workspaces]]
! [[QA:Testcase_gnome-shell_overview_search|Search]]
! [[QA:Testcase_desktop_login|Login]]
! [[QA:Testcase_gnome-terminal_profile|Terminal]]
! [[QA:Testcase_desktop_common_shortcuts|Shortcuts]]
! [[QA:Testcase_firefox_media|Web media]]
! [[QA:Testcase_desktop_menus|Menus]]
! [[QA:Testcase_gnome-bluetooth_send_file|Bluetooth]]
! [[QA:Testcase_firefox_browse|Browse]]
! [[QA:Testcase_vino_vinagre_connect|VNC]]
! [[QA:Testcase_gnome_desktop_background|Background]]
! [[QA:Testcase_desktop_non_gtk_apps|NonGtk]]
! [[QA:Testcase_desktop_lock_screen|Lock]]
! [[QA:Testcase_desktop_automount|Mount]]
! [[QA:Testcase_desktop_volume|Volume]]
! [[QA:Testcase_evince_file_display|Evince]]
! [[QA:Testcase_brasero_burn|Burn]]
! [[QA:Testcase_generic_video_glx|GL]]
! References
| [[User:addutko|Adam M Dutko]]
| [ HW]
| {{result|pass}} <ref>Defaults to this because my vm doesn't support the shell.</ref>
| {{result|fail}} <ref>Setting the date manually, then disabling and reenabling ntp through the desktop date/time doesn't correct the time. The system-config-date utility sets the proper date after a manual set then enabling ntp.</ref>
| {{result|pass}}
| {{result|fail}} <ref>webm download doesn't fast forward or rewind using the slider bar.</ref>
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|fail}} <ref>This works when I right click and choose "Open Link". Single left click does not work.</ref>
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|pass}}
| {{result|pass}}
| {{result|pass}}
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|pass}}
| {{result|pass}} <ref>RHEL6 (vino) and F15b (vinagre)</ref>
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|pass}} <ref>T-Mobile G1 SD Card</ref>
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|pass}}
| {{result|none}}
| {{result|none}}
| <references/>

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Personal Information
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Home: Ohio, United States (GMT-5)
Fedora Information
FAS name: addutko
Fedora email:
IRC nick: StylusEater
IRC channels: #fedora-admin,#fedora-qa,#maria,#fontutils
Fedorapeople page:
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I am from many places but currently live in Ohio. I am a Software Engineering graduate student, Linux Administrator, Professor, Computer Hobbyist and Fedora enthusiast. My first Linux distro was RedHat 6.1. I have been tinkering with Fedora since it first split from RedHat. I primarily use stock Debian stable and RHEL.

My Hardware

I have a lot of equipment and am testing using VM's most of the time.


  • Email: dutko dot adam Att <Gmail>
  • Fedora Account: addutko
  • IRC: StylusEater on freenode (#fedora)
  • Location: Ohio USA
  • Twitter: @StylusEater