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My name is Alexander Kahl and I'm writing this primarily to have my user page look less empty and because it seems to be polite providing at least basic some information about myself.

Relevant Personal Details

At the time of writing my age is 26 and I'm located at Berlin (Germany). Besides being a Fedora Packager I'm an active member of the FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe), so probably you can see me as one of the more political FLOSS guys. Furthermore I'm a Common Lisp, Perl, PHP, Javascript and C hacker, most of these I can even use to make a living.

My Mission For Fedora

If Fedora wasn't there I would probably still be using and contributing to Gentoo. I see Fedora as the most superior distribution in terms of combining the idea of Free Software, running an awesome cooperative community, providing new features first, being the number one choice for FS hackers and last but not least I like the pragmatic approach of a community-driven distribution that is - at the same time - supported by a corporate, Red Hat.

IMO: In an ideal world Fedora would be called a distribution of GNU, using the HURD and switching to Nix for package management on the long run.

As this is just a dream I'm trying to help by contributing new packages of software I use at work that is missing for Fedora, help out fixing bugs sometimes and convince non-Fedorans to join our forces or at least switch over from an infamous Redmond-based OS or a distribution resembling it too much.


Email: e dash user at fsfe dot org XMPP: e dash user at jabber dot fsfe dot org GPG: 0x2147C35D