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Status icon Package Description Status Comment
Tagaini Jisho a free, open
Textpattern a CMS popular with some web designers. It's GPL and is LAMP
Thinkfan A simple fan control program
TinyXML++ A very nice, modern C++ interface to TinyXML. MIT license. Nice software; painful, obscure build system.
Tipp10 A 10 finger write trainer (Has no configure script and a MakeFile generated by qmake for QT on windows)
TPTP Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform
Trang Trang is James Clark's multi
toshutils (includes GUI) or toshset (CL only) Allows users to control Toshiba hardware
TrueCrypt Free open
TuxShop point of sale and retail management application.
[ TV
<s>TwoLame A MPEG 1 Audio Layer 2 encoder. Probably would be blocked based on Spot's comment [1]
ufsutils Utilities to manage the UFS filesystem, mostly used in BSD or derived operating systems. This include FFS, UFS and UFS2.
ulatencyd Scriptable daemon daemon that controls how the Linux kernel will spend it's resources on the running processes.
Unico Gtk+ Theming Engine Unico is a Gtk+ engine that aims to be the more complete yet powerful theming engine for Gtk+ 3.0 and newer. It's used in several Gtk + 3.0 themes
Unicode Character Database UNIDATA files are used by many packages (perl, gucharmap, etc) in private copy mode. A common package would be cleaner technically and legally.
unp debian/ubuntu script for uncompressing archives bugzilla request
uPdf A tool to write and paint to an existing pdf file. uPdf can insert pages of another pdf, insert new pages, remove and extract pages, rotate pages, paste an image in the existing pdf, and much more.
uperf a network performance tool, developed by the Performance Applications Engineering group at Sun Microsystems, that supports modelling and replay of various networking patterns. [
urfkill For the laptop and mobile devices users, the management of the radio killswitches is important for the connectivity and power consumption. HAL used to take care of this job, but it is now deprecated. The urfkill project is created to fill the gap and to provide more flexible configuration for the rfkill
Vagalume A client for Gnome and Maemo. Review Request (failed) (available from Livna)
Vigor XMMS plugin that acts like Clippy. Fun!
VNCSnapshot VNC Snapshot is a command
Visual Python a Python module that offers real
[2] Wavelet denoise Gimp plugin
WTP Eclipse Webtools Project (JSP, HTML, JavaScript, XML, etc.) (Effort to build this package are ongoing)
[ Wine
Webmin (web front end to shorewall)
WideStudio an open source, Integrated Development Environment for desktop applications
Wikidot an open source wiki server/wiki farm.
[ nuvi