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This is a draft. Please use the TALK section for any comments.

Channels (in order of priority)

- Download - Buy from vendors - Local Contacts (in Person) - Local Contacts (by Mail) - Fedora/Linux events - Free media

We need to make sure a person requesting media goes through these channels in the order mentioned above.

  • Detailed description of channels *
    • Download **

- Helper tool to easily select what to download and provide a link. - A helper matrix for example?

    • Buy from vendors **

- Invite vendors, it's free marketing for them. - Ping them once every quarter? - Man power needed to do this (or a team) - - Can we look to the marketing team for help? (This is marketing, isn't it?) - - Once in 3 week we can have a thread and people will hopefully volunteer to check out some sites. Doesn't have to be a fixed team. - We can announce an updated vendors list every quarter? - Co-ordination with vendors will be needed (a specific ML that they can join?)

    • Local Contacts (in person) **

- We maintain a list of volunteers (people add their names to it). - Contact an Ambassador. - Get a time slot. - Go get media burnt. - Some place needed to maintain records. - - A Wiki page? - - free media trac system? Ambassador opens a ticket himself? - - A separate ticket system? Only for use by Ambassadors?

    • Local Contacts (by mail) **

- Maintain a list of volunteers (people add their names to it) - Contact Ambassador - Send blank media and return envelope (or send money, whatever, to be decided by requester and Ambassador) - Ambassador files a ticket, so we can maintain records. - - We need to somehow be able to check that people do service the requests after receiving blank media. - - How will this be implemented? - - Only volunteers should be able to view info of requester. - - make them a part of the free media group? - - Needs discussion.

    • Events **

- Keep the list up to date. - Already working pretty well. - Any improvements?

    • Free media **

- Two per month is requested. - home made media. - if a volunteer wants, he can sponsor media by using an on line vendor to provide someone media. [NOT A SEPARATE PROGRAM]

    • Donations **

- To be maintained by Susmit, Frank, Neville (the already appointed team?) - Used for sponsored media (see above). - Should the collected amount etc. be public? Ie, contributors should be able to look at a page to see the stats of donations?