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This page will outline the ways in which you can obtain Fedora media without having to download it yourself.
Before we get started
  • DO NOT send a common mail to many Ambassadors with a request. Such requests are generally ignored since they're regarded as spam. Request ONE and wait for her/him to respond. If she/he cannot service your request, she/he will point out another that can, or arrange for you to receive media.
  • Be patient. This works completely on the voluntary contributions of community members.
  • Since this is voluntary, please do not expect pressed media with fancy labelling. At most times, you will receive a media with Fedora written on it with a marker ;)
  • If you can pay ( send a blank media with a blank envelope in exchange for Fedora media ), please do. This way, the contributors can use the savings to supply media to more people. If you can actually pay (via a transfer or something similar), even better.