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This page will outline the ways in which you can obtain Fedora media without having to download it yourself. It's a few easy steps to get your Fedora media, even if you cannot download it!
Before we get started
  • DO NOT send a common mail to many Ambassadors with a request. Such requests are generally ignored since they're regarded as spam. Request ONE and wait for her/him to respond. If she/he cannot service your request, she/he will point out another that can, or arrange for you to receive media.
  • Be patient. This works completely on the voluntary contributions of community members.
  • Since this is voluntary, please do not expect pressed media with fancy labelling. At most times, you will receive a media with Fedora written on it with a marker ;)
  • If you can pay ( send a blank media with a blank envelope in exchange for Fedora media ), please do. This way, the contributors can use the savings to supply media to more people. If you can actually pay (via a transfer or something similar), even better.

Requesting the Ambassador nearest to you

  1. Locate the Ambassador nearest to you. We encourage Ambassadors to make themselves available on this map. You can also look at the Ambassadors Page for a complete region wise list.
  2. If you're nearby, please contact the Ambassador and try to collect the media physically.
    1. Email/contact the Ambassador:
    2. Hey <Ambassador's name>
      I'd like to have a $FEDORA_REQUIRED_MEDIA. I happen to live in $LOCATION. 
      Can you please provide me with the $MEDIA? I can come down and get the media from you if you give me your address and fix me a time. 
      [You can optionally add a reason why you need the media etc., but it isn't really necessary]
      <your name>
    3. You will receive a reply on the following lines:
      1. If you're in luck :
      2. Hi <your name>!
        Thank you for your interest in Fedora!
        Yes, you can come down to my place and collect the $MEDIA from me. Here's my address:
        Can you please bring blank dvds/cds that I can burn for you?
        <Ambassador's name>
      3. If you're out of luck:
      4. Hi <your name>!
        Thank you for your interest in Fedora!
        Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with media at the time. 
        [Optionally : A reason]
        Would it be possible for you to contact another Ambassador in the area? I know <so and so> are also around here and would probably be able to help you out. 
        You can also refer to the Requesting_Media page on the fedora project wiki to look for other ways of receiving media. 
        If you need more help, please feel free to email me. 
        <Ambassador's name>
    4. Email any Ambassador with a request.
    5. Hi <Ambassador's name> !
      Would it please be possible for you to mail me a copy of $FEDORA_MEDIA_REQUIRED