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= Ian MacGregor =
My name is Ian MacGregor.
I have been using computers since 1983 and building computers since 2001. I have been using Linux since it became my primary operating system in 2001 and am currently using Fedora 12.
* I am currently the wiki tender for the [ Fedora classroom].
* I introduce others to Fedora and the Fedora Project when I can.
* I maintain a presence in #fedora on the [ Freenode network] to learn and help when I can.
* I maintain a blogfor the purpose of spreading information about the Fedora Project and FOSS in general.
* I use the GIMP to design graphics:
** I have designed graphics for [ DistroWatch]
** I have designed several GTK and Metacity themes
** I design desktop wallpaper and icons
** I design skins for gKRELLm and other apps
* [ My Homepage]
* [ My Blog]
* [ My Gallery]
* [ About Me]
Contact me:
* #fedora on - my IRC nick is 'ardchoille'.
* Email: ardchoille42 at gmail dot com

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My name is Ian MacGregor.