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Ian MacGregor

I have been using computers since 1983 and building computers since 2001. I have been using Linux since it became my primary operating system in 2001. I started my Linux journey with Debian GNU/Linux. From there I went on to use Fedora Core (fc1, fc2, fc3, fc4) Mandrake Linux (now Mandriva), Ubuntu, CentOS and am currently using Fedora 12. Fedora seems to be the best distro for me due to its sane defaults and its use of SELinux.


  • IRC: ardchoille #fedora #fedora-ambassadors #fedora-classroom #fedora-docs
  • Email: ardchoille42 at gmail dot com
  • GPG key: 4A734A85
  • Fedora Account: ardchoille42
  • Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

Fedora Activities

Computer-related hobbies

  • I enjoy editing documentation
  • I have written several tutorials
  • I write my own shell scripts
  • I enjoy using the GIMP:
    • I have designed graphics for DistroWatch
    • I design GTK and Metacity themes
    • I design desktop wallpaper and icons
    • I design skins for gKRELLm and other apps
    • I design icons for developers of the Android OS platform