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Axilleas Pipinellis
Axilleas Pipinellis
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Home: Athens, Greece
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IRC nick: axil42
IRC channels: #fedora-el #fedora #fedora-ruby
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Private email: axilleas [at] archlinux (dot) gr
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Studying Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences at Ntua.

Currently living in Greece (Athens , UTC+2/3 ). Below are some of the projects I am involved with.


Recently I started getting involved with Fedora, mainly because of the GSoC 2013 program. It has a vast community with many developers and users who are always willing to help and that's the beauty with it :) I plan to be a package maintainer and get involved with the infra team.

Other open source involvements


I've been using Archlinux as my main distribution since 2007. I maintain several packages at the AUR and I try to contribute to the Archwiki whenever I can. I am also a member of an unofficial package team in Greece, where we serve a repository with popular packages that aren't in the official repos. I have also contributed to the localization of pacman and the AUR interface. Check my transifex profile. Recently I helped to package the snf-image-creator tool of the synnefo IaaS.


Here you can find my 2013 student application and here my accepted proposal.


GitLab is an open source git repository application, built on Ruby on Rails. I have been using it since version 2.0 and started contributing as of version 4.0. In this page I keep track of all my patches that were accepted by upstream.

How Fedora, GSoC and GitLab are related? See here.

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