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GitLab for Fedora

An effort to package GitLab for Fedora.


actionpack activemodel activerecord activeresource activesupport acts-as-taggable-on arel asciidoctor backports bcrypt-ruby bootstrap-sass builder carrierwave celluloid charlock_holmes chosen-rails coffee-rails coffee-script coffee-script-source colored connection_pool d3_rails descendants_tracker devise diff-lcs dotenv enumerize erubis escape_utils eventmachine execjs faraday faraday_middleware font-awesome-rails foreman gemoji github-linguist github-markdown github-markup gitlab-gollum-lib gitlab-grack gitlab-grit gitlab-pygments.rb gitlab_git gitlab_meta gitlab_omniauth-ldap gon grape grape-entity haml haml-rails hashie hike hipchat http_parser.rb httparty httpauth i18n journey jquery-atwho-rails jquery-rails jquery-turbolinks jquery-ui-rails json jwt kaminari libv8 mail mime-types modernizr multi_json multi_xml multipart-post mysql2 net-ldap nokogiri oauth oauth2 omniauth omniauth-github omniauth-google-oauth2 omniauth-oauth omniauth-oauth2 omniauth-twitter orm_adapter pg polyglot posix-spawn puma pygments.rb pyu-ruby-sasl rack rack-accept rack-cache rack-mount rack-protection rack-ssl rack-test rails railties rake rdoc redcarpet redis redis-actionpack redis-activesupport redis-namespace redis-rack redis-rails redis-store ref rubyntlm sanitize sass sass-rails seed-fu select2-rails settingslogic sidekiq simple_oauth sinatra six slim sprockets stamp state_machine stringex temple therubyracer thor tilt timers tinder treetop turbolinks twitter-stream tzinfo uglifier underscore-rails virtus warden yajl-ruby
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