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Bruno Wolff

I'm a bit of a libre software hobbyist.

I like to play with shiny new (or recycled) toys and am willing figure out why things aren't working when I run into problems.

This makes Fedora a good fit for me.


Activities within Fedora


Draft Documentation

Holiday Break projects

The following are some Fedora Projects that are high priority for me to get done of the holiday break (from work).

  • Get Ogre 1.7 into Rawhide. (Spot has done most of the leg work already.)
    • Ogre 1.7.2 has been built for rawhide
      • There are still issues with the samples sub-package
    • Dependencies still need to be built
      • cegui is done
      • cegui6 is done
      • mygui now builds
        • Some rpath issues should get fixed
        • mygui rebuild will probably trigger some more rebuilds
      • ogre-pagedgeometry needs to get updated
      • chess now builds
        • it has been broken on F14, see if it looks better now
      • meshmagick needs to be rebuilt, but I don't have direct access
  • Get a 4.2 prerelease version of squashfs-tools into rawhide to get xz (as distinct from lzma) support into rawhide.
    • Completed (with test case)
  • Get a bugzilla extension developed for allowing indirect blocks and depends on searches.
    • Didn't get time to work on this.
  • Write up Spins SIG job descriptions so that they can be referred to at the upcoming FUDCON.
    • Didn't get time to work on this.

Bugzilla Extension development

The plan is to support recursive blocking / depends on queries in bugzilla and allow the use of aliases in such queries. The 4.0 version of bugzilla is being targeted because it supports more hooks, allowing this to be done as an extension (probably) without core code changes. 4.0 is currently in release candidate status. It is unknown when Red Hat would upgrade their bugzilla to 4.0.

Extension info

  1. Extension to handle read only views
    • Hooks needed
      • We really need to subclass the various db subclasses as there isn't an appropriate hook. Probably I'll just do a PG subclass, since that's the only data base I use. Something similar could be done for each db. When the system is configured the one of the new db subclasses would need to get picked instead of the original ones.
      • bug_check_can_change_field to prevent changing values in views. Possibly but there isn't an easy way to get back from the field to the table/view information. Another option would be to check when a filed is marked as updatable. Otherwise we will need to rely on admins to not set these values as updatable.
    • Issues
      • Relating a field back to the view seems hard to do. May need to rely on people not adding view columns to the update list.
      • The above hooks aren't really hooks. We seem to need to be a sub class to do this, but that is generally for DB specific stuff and we may not be able to override these generically. We might end up doing it per DB type.
      • Creation order is an issue. Want the view created after the tables it depends on.
  2. Extension to create recursive blocks / depends on view
    • With use WITH RECURSIVE which works at least in recent Postres versions and is part of the ANSI standard.
    • Hooks needed
      • db_schema_abstract_schema to extend the default schema
    • Issues
      • Probably need to create a new object class for this table and then use object columns to add the new columns so that Bugzilla can use them.
  3. Extension to allow aliased by as a query operator.
    • Works like match any word handling a list of alias regular expressions and transforming to a list of bug ids.
    • Will use a sub select. That may restrict usage by some databases (probably fairly ones at this point), but is part of the ANSI standard.
    • Hooks needed
      • search_operator_field_override


  • A plan for how to implement the feature has been developed.
    • A set of extension needed to implement this plan have been scoped out.
    • The plan has not been verified to make sure it is implementable as currently designed.
  • A 4.0 test environment has been set up locally.

Mockup for QA - Tracking bug queries

Queries for finding bugs that directly block a tracking bug that are closed but not verified