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|REAL-NAME= Buland Kumar Singh
|REAL-NAME= Buland Kumar Singh
|HOME= Pune , Maharastra [India]
|HOME= Pune , Maharastra [India]
|image= buland.jpg
|image= Bs.jpg
|FAS-NAME= buland
|FAS-NAME= buland

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Buland Kumar Singh
Buland Kumar Singh
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Home: Pune , Maharastra [India]
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: buland
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IRC: i-am-fedora on Freenode in
#fedora, #fedora-india, #fedora-devel, #fedora-python, #fedora-server, #fedora-classroom, #fedora-desktop, #fedora-security, #fedora-bugzappers,
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Hello world !!


Buland Kumar Singh is a Freelance Linux System Administrator & Open Source developer. He is also working with Red Hat Software India as a Associate Technical Support Engineer. He is a Red Hat Certified Engineer [805009811142559] & highly inspired by "Linux & Open Source". He lives in Pune [Maharastra] [India] with his Linux machines & Library books. He is a Hard Core fan of Fedora Project & believe in sharing knowledge.

"Human Knowledge Belong's to the World"

Linux & Me:

I am using Linux since fedora 6 was released, during that time i was living in a small village called "Bhadrawati", which comes under Maharashtra state [India]. During those day's I am very curious about Linux, lots of questions were in my mind.

What is open Source ? Why to use Linux & Open Source Software ? How it is different from other operating systems ? How to install Linux ? How to use Linux ?

These are Typical Questions for a new user :) and people around me are not able to help me because they are also not aware of those things. I remember one day, I asked one of the computer vendor near to my house about Linux installation but he refuses to tell me. huh.. my bad :( . After few day's, I decided to install Linux(fedora) myself. I started doing googling and found some articles for fedora Linux installation. On the basis of that article I successfully installed fedora 6 on my machine & from that day my journey to Open Source & Linux begins........


I have started, Lead & Maintaining a group called "Linux Power User Group", where people share there technical knowledge and help other to get their work done. You can also join this group at:[1]

I also launched another website called "opensourcex". This website is created to help "people by people". As Open Source and Linux gives us a liberty to share. I used that concept and created this website which offers Linux Cd's & Dvd's at nominal charge (Only for Media cost). Those people who are unable to download those distribution can request for a CD or DVD. The money collected from those CD's & DVD's are denoted to a charities which works for providing free education to children's. You can visit this website at:[2]

"Education is the only key to open the golden doors of Knowledge"