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Simon Abraham Wesp
Simon Abraham Wesp
Personal Information
Birthday: May 25th 1983
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Home: cosmopolite
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: cassmodiah
Miscellaneous Information
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GPG-Key: 26BE5016
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IRC: cassmodiah on Freenode in
#fedora-de #fedora-ambassadors

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Contact me

Please use my fedora-mail-address to contact me.


Christoph Wickert, Stefan Posdzich, Robert Scheck, Henrik Heigl, Peter Reuschlein, Felix Kaechele, Jörg Simon, Gerold Kassube, Marko Ziesing, Lubomir Rintel, Jens Kühnel, Fabian Affolter, Thomas Wörner, Sven Lankes, Andreas Osowski, Pierre-Yves Chibon, Jens Maucher, Michael Spahn, Mario Behling, Marcus Schulderinsky, Fabian Kanngießer, Johannes Lips,

Package Maintainer

I'm a Package Maintainer sponsored by Mamoru Tasaka


Packaging for upstream

You need a rpm-package of an application or a game? You are envolved in a FOSS-project and you want a rpm-package in the download-section on your website? Just contact me. Let us speak about your software and the chance to get officially included in Fedora.
You already have a fedora wiki access? You can add your wish to the wishlist.

Packages I have maintained and/or comaintained in the past

  • apt-mirror: APT sources mirroring tool
  • backintime: Simple backup system
  • bam: The bam build system
  • barrage: Kill and destroy as many targets as possible within 3 minutes
  • bastet An evil falling bricks game
  • bauble: Biodiversity collection manager
  • biniax: A unique arcade logic game
  • e_dbus: Wrappers around dbus for EFL based applications
  • ecore: Event/X abstraction layer
  • edje: A graphical layout and animation library
  • eet: Library for speedy data storage, retrieval, and compression
  • efreet: Implementation of several specifications from
  • embryo: Easy to use library for running compiled PAWN programs
  • emotion: An Evas smart-object library providing video capabilities
  • enlightenment: Highly optimized and extensible desktop shell
  • eepg: Immensely fast JPEG thumbnailer
  • epsilon: Small, display independent, and quick thumbnailing library
  • evas: Hardware-accelerated state-aware canvas API
  • ewl: Enlightenment Widget Library
  • fbpanel: A lightweight X11 desktop panel
  • gnaughty: Downloader for adult content
  • griffith: Media collection manager
  • griv: A GTK-Chat based on the RIV-Chat-protocol
  • libwps: Library for reading and converting Microsoft Works word processor documents
  • nssbackup: (Not so) Simple Backup Suite for desktop use
  • peppy: Editor written in python
  • python-rabbyt: Sprite library for Python
  • sbackup: Simple Backup Suite for desktop use
  • teeworlds: Online multi-player platform 2D shooter
  • tucan: Manager for downloads and uploads at hosting sites
  • tor: Anonymizing overlay network for TCP (The onion router)
  • vidalia: Controller GUI for the Tor Onion Routing Network
  • xpad: Sticky notepad for GTK+2
  • xqf: A server browser for many popular games

My "problem childs"

  • zsync - Isn't allowed in Fedora, because it ships a modified zlib, like rsync, to be wire compatible with rsync.
  • opentracker - It's a high customizable BitTorrent-Tracker and every user is using another list of features. It's impossible to please everybody.
  • i3 - Is not EWMH-compatible and will need a cairo with xcb support for further versions. Cairo with xcb support is not a part of Fedora. The cairo maintainer is also a part of upstream and won't enable this experimental backend to keep the software stable.
  • fife - Fedora is currently shipping a free gaming engine without any client, because the clients (like unknown horizons) are shipping non free sounds (partly in non-free codecs like mp3) and graphics.


Im interrested in these features/projects

I am part of the following Special Interest Groups


I'm a Fedora Ambassador sponsored by Jörg Simon

Linux User Groups


You can meet me on several events in Germany like Chemnitzer Linux Tage and Froscon. Mostly I'm wearing my Fedora Ambassador Polo Shirt and a name badge.