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Age: 24
Born: Duisburg
Home: Warstein

My Desktop

Fedora 9 with OpenBox and fbpanel on a Playstation 3 System.

Fedora 9

I am also using Fedora 8 on my x86 Desktop PC.


I am a Fedora Package Maintainer and Ambassador.

I am part of the following Special Interest Group:





Spielen unter Linux ( A german Linux gaming community )

/Fedora Packages



fbpanel is a lightweight X11 desktop panel. It works with any ICCCM / NETWM compliant window manager (eg sawfish, metacity, openbox , xfwm4, kvm) It features tasklist, pager, launcbar, clock, menu and sytray.

Bugzilla: #448292

freesci (in review)


FreeSCI is a portable interpreter for SCI (Sierra Creative Interpreter) games, such as the Space Quest series (starting with SQ3) or Leisure Suit Larry (2 and sequels).

Bugzilla: #448808

xqf (in review)


XQF is a network game browser (e.g. Quake, Unreal, etc.). It helps you locate and connect to game servers. It has configurable server and player filters so you can find a server running your favorite game type or that has a buddy.

Bugzilla: #451280


My Homepage: