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* '''Email''':
* '''Email''':
* '''IRC''': Your freenode IRC name and channels you hang out (eg. #fedora-docs, etc.)
* '''IRC''': DigitalVampire (eg. #fedora-docs, etc.)
* '''GPG key''': Your key ID and/or signature
* '''GPG key''': Your key ID and/or signature
* '''Fedora Account''': codysmith
* '''Fedora Account''': codysmith

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Cody Smith

I'm currently a college student in Alabama pursuing a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. I will probably end up with a minor in Mathematics and Computer Science. I have enjoyed Linux since I first tried it. Seems like many years ago now


  • Email:
  • IRC: DigitalVampire (eg. #fedora-docs, etc.)
  • GPG key: Your key ID and/or signature
  • Fedora Account: codysmith
  • Location: Anniston, AL

Activities within Fedora

  • Some words about your involvement in Fedora, your plans, ideas, etc.
  • For example, if you are into translations, the languages you are working on; if you are into docs, the docs you are interested in, etc.