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Colin Zwiebel

colin {at} zonion {dot} org



Fedora Twitter:


LinuxCon 2010 Education Mini-Summit

The State of Open in Education

- Talk given with User:RockyChat3 Andy Pethan

File:The State of Open Data in Education Final.pdf

File:The State of Open Data in Education Final.odp

File:The State of Open Data in Education Final.pptx

Thoughts on Fedora

Ideas for Improvement

For New Fedora Community Members

  • SOooo many
  • Still don't know what FAD, SOP, SIG, mean
  • IDEA: Fedora acronym dictionary
    • Wiki page?
    • Wiki hover-over define tool

Cross-Distro Buildup

  • IDEA: link bug trackers (SF, FedoraHosted, LaunchPad)
    • Makes submitted bugs more useful
    • Makes developers lives easier
  • IDEA: Compare binary packages, where are we ahead/behind on certain patches
    • Somehow cut down on packaging