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This is a draft and could change drastically or not even be here in the future.


[edit] Fedora Training

This idea grew out off a chat on IRC

Bart, I added a few notes here and there. -- PWF

Fedora Training is a place where (primarily) all new contributors for a Fedora project can go to learn the basics to get working in that project and (secondarily) for Fedora users to get used to the Fedora distribution.

[edit] Ideas / goals for Training

  • Use Moodle for courses
  • Screencasts for basic steps
  • Audiocasts for more advanced topics
  • Rely in part on other learning resources for material (e.g. Wikipedia) [[[PaulWFrields| PWF]]
  • Provide easy quizzes so students can test their knowledge retention [[[PaulWFrields| PWF]]
  • Provide templates for silent development to prevent confusion [[[PaulWFrields| PWF]]
  • Centralize project documentation that lives on the wiki

[edit] Guidelines

  • Use standards for adult learning, i.e. objective based
  • Set goal(s)
  • Address each skill or knowledge area as a milestone required to achieve goal
  • Teach to the milestones
  • Set training modules up in a way they can be mixed and matched for a curriculum if desired

There's more to this than what I've written, but we can investigate that. [[[PaulWFrields| PWF]]

[edit] Subjects

These are just some subject matter areas that are probably good targets for courses:

[edit] Distribution-oriented

  • SELinux (understanding, reading AVC errors, using tools, writing policy modules)
  • puppet, cobbler, etc. (bulk system management)

[edit] Fedora Project oriented

The idea here is to enable people to get active in the various projects by helping them find there way around, at there own pace

  • Usage of FAS, VCS + keep link towards upstream docs
  • Packagers workflow (writing of spec-files, koji usage)
  • Documentation workflow (docbook, XSLT, ...)
  • Infrastructure-topics

[edit] External references

Other (Open Source) projects that are introducing/using a similar method to enable the community: