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My name is Aaron Faanes. I am a Fedora 13 user, Wiki contributor, and frequent hacker. See my homepage.



You can also find me on IRC with the nickname "dafrito" on the following channels:

Notable pages


  • Shouldn't Fedora link to an article on Fedora, rather than infrastructure?
  • It'd also be cool to have pages for all versions of Fedora, with a template used to describe each.
  • "updates-testing" and "Test Updates" are used interchangeably, which I don't believe should be the case. "Test Updates" is a natural name which succinctly describes its purpose. "updates-testing" is the technical name that is used by machines. This dual-naming scheme is familiar to the common and scientific names given to animals, like Canis lupus referring to a wolf, and I think the expectations for which to use for animal names should apply here.