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My name is Aaron Faanes. I am a Fedora 13 user, Wiki contributor, and frequent hacker.

I may be contacted via email at I can also be found on with the nickname "dafrito" on many of the Fedora-related channels, such as #fedora-qa, #fedora-devel, and #fedora-bugzappers.


My work on the Fedora Project wiki varies pretty widely, from minor edits to significant new content. I initially worked on tickets from QA, such as editing Adam Williamson's draft on proven testers. I then started contributing new pages like Help:Style guide. I've also partaken in some maintenance tasks such as performing user page migrations. I've also created some useful infoboxes, such as Template:Infobox group and Template:Infobox package.


I've also wondered about the naming conventions for project pages on this wiki. For example, pages like Women, QA, and Infrastructure are all actually named "Fedora Women", "Fedora QA", etc. Shouldn't the main page contain these links, rather than only part of it?

For future work, my emphasis seems to be on making information more efficient for users and contributors. That usually comes down to creating templates to provide quick summaries, and to also provide a easily recognizable means of navigation. I'd like to see much more integration between pages, and also see integration between other documentation projects, such as and especially The docs are far too high-quality and information-rich for the wiki not to link to them.