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Elad Alfassa
Location: Mazor, Israel
Birthday: May 6th.
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Fedora-specific Information
fas-name: elad
Fedora Email:
Contact information
Twitter: elad3 elad3
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IRC: elad661 on
#fedora-devel, #fedora-sound, #fedora-websites, #fedora-design
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My name is Elad Alfassa, I currently reside in Israel (would prefer somewhere else, but I don't have a choice). I do minor stuff in Fedora that are usually not noticed by anyone. When people do notice, they usually give me more credit than I deserve.

What I Do (in Fedora)

  • Member of the fedora design team.
    • I helped a bit with the Anaconda redesign. I also made a list of ABRT UX ideas, but it was completely ignored.
  • Fedora ambassador in Israel.
  • Maintainer of some packages.
  • Hebrew translator.
  • Website team member
    • I'm the one who made the new start.fpo page
    • Responsible for most RTL fixes done in Fedora websites
  • Some QA, when I have nothing else to do.
  • Minor bugfixing (usually in packagekit, zif and related apps)
  • Bugging, bothering and nudging developers. They probably hate me for that.

Contact information

  • Email: (isn't that obvious?).
  • IRC:
    • elad661 on (usually in #fedora-design, #fedora-devel and #fedora-websites).
    • elad on gimpnet (usually in #fedora-desktop and #gnome-design)

Other stuff

Outside Fedora, I'm also a Mozilla rep and Firefox translator, and I also have a github profile where I have few repositories of mostly useless software.

I can code in Python, JavaScript, C, C#, PHP and bash (by order of preference)

You can visit my Hebrew blog or my English blog