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|HOME= New York
|HOME= New York
|FAS-NAME= gadgetwisdom
|FAS-NAME= gadgetwisdom

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Personal Information
Fedora Information
FAS name: gadgetwisdom
Fedora email:
IRC nick: GadgetWisdomGuru
IRC channels:
Fedorapeople page:
Miscellaneous Information
Private email:
GPG key: 70BC1402
Homepage: [{{{homepage}}} {{{homepage}}}]
Jabber: {{{jabber}}}
RHCE Certificate: {{{rhce-cert}}}
RHCT Certificate: {{{rhct-cert}}}
Gtalk: {{{gtalk}}}
Badges ({{ #fedorabadgescount: gadgetwisdom }})
{{ #fedorabadges: gadgetwisdom }}

Longtime Fedora user, having used it since it was RedHat 7. Interested in giving back, and am finally trying to do so.