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== Contact ==
== Contact ==
* '''Email''':
* '''Email''': gbcox AT fedoraproject DOT org
* '''IRC''': gbcox - #fedora-kde, #fedora-meeting, #fedora-bugzappers
* '''IRC''': gbcox - #fedora-kde, #fedora-meeting, #fedora-bugzappers
* '''GPG key''': DE516DB5
* '''GPG key''': DE516DB5

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Gerald B. Cox

I started experimenting with Linux in 1999; using various distributions. I totally migrated off the Windows platform with Redhat 6.2 back in April, 2000. I switched over to Fedora when the project began in 2003.

I use Fedora because I believe in it's objectives and underlying philosophy:

  • Be built only from free and open source software
  • Be on the leading edge

My participation is my way of giving back to the community.


  • Email: gbcox AT fedoraproject DOT org
  • IRC: gbcox - #fedora-kde, #fedora-meeting, #fedora-bugzappers
  • GPG key: DE516DB5
  • Fedora Account: gbcox

Activities within Fedora

  • Testing of Beta Release software
  • Participate in bug-zapping activities
  • Open bugs, cross-reference to upstream resources, participate in SIGs
  • Actively promote the use of Fedora