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Felix Kaechele
Felix Kaechele
Personal Information
Birthday: October 31st 1989
Home: Leverkusen / Northrhine-Westphalia / Germany
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: heffer
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
GPG-Key: B30D8F7C
IRC: heffer on Freenode in
#fedora-de #fedora-education #fedora-ambassadors
Badges (54)

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Felix Kaechele


  • German
  • Half Canadian
  • I like going Skiing
  • I like to travel to foreign places
  • I'm better at soft-skills than engineering

Education and Job

  • I finished High School in July 2009
  • I'm a IHK (German chamber of commerce) certified "Junior Manager", a certificate I earned at Junior Management School (Website in German)
  • I work part-time at an IT-Auditing company (Website also in German)
  • I'm currently doing my civil service at the School I used to attend
  • I currently maintain the network (roughly about 160 clients plus 5 Servers) at my School, at the moment mostly all by myself. In conjunction with that I worked with Novell NetWare, Windows Server and of course Linux.

Activities within the Fedora Project


I'm a Fedora Ambassador sponsored by Jörg Simon
My main goals in my work as an Ambassador is taking Fedora to schools and other educational institutes and talk about the advantages of open source software in educational environments. I also want to show schools how to get their students started for contributing in open source projects and help them convey the spirit that fuels the open source community.


Due to my involvement in the administration of my schools network I became interested in developing and deploying network solutions aimed at the needs of schools. The specific needs of a school in terms of user and systems management as well as network security are yet to be combined into a software solution that can be installed, deployed and maintained by the average high school teacher. I therefor envision a "Fedora School Server" that gives schools the required tools to manage a modern and secure network. This is a very basic requirement for the successful use of information technology in education that is not covered by any open source solution on the market yet. Once the network aspect is done I hope to continue on integrating educational services and platforms.

Package Maintainer

I'm a Package Maintainer sponsored by Ville Skyttä
I usually package software I find interesting and actually use. That's why the list of packages maintained by me is pretty diverse.

Games SIG

I enjoy playing games. Therefor I joined the Games SIG. As of now I only maintain openttd. But I hope to add some more fine games if time allows.