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Clint Savage

Hello, my name is Clint Savage, people online call me Herlo.


  • Email: MailTo(herlo AT fedoraproject DOT org)
  • IRC: I am known as 'herlo' on #utah, #utos, #uphpu, #fedora, #fedora-docs, #ubuntu-utah (yeah, I know)
  • GPG key: GPG Key ID = 62A2258E
  • Fedora Account: herlo

Activities within Fedora

  • Fedora Documentation Project
  • Fedora Ambassador
    • I am well known in my local LUGs. Promoting Fedora to the User Group community should be pretty straightforward.
  • The Utah Open Source Conference ( will be a yearly event after the 2007 success. As a Fedora Ambassador, I plan on promoting Fedora to all that attend.