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Yuri Kochnev



My name is Yuri. I'm 27. I live in Moscow, Russia. I use Fedora a lot. Actually, I use it everywhere in my life. As a post-graduate student I've convinced our lab to move to Fedora from one well-known Gates-of-Hell operating system. As a part-time school teacher I convinced school stuff to move the entire class room to other Linux operating system with Fedora on teacher computer. As (most of the time) web-designer I use fedora in my work and even on one of my servers that is in serious production. That computer serves as email2sms gateway for nearly 100 e-commerce sites. It runs cool open source project - smstools.
As already mentioned above, I'm working as a part time school teacher. My lessons are about web-design, web-animation, flash (yeah, I know; it's my sin) and 3D-graphics. I was teaching 3D-graphics with Adobe 3DStudio Max for a few years when one day, all of a sudden, Russian ministry of Education decided to switch all schools all over the country to only limited list of specially licensed software. 3DStudioMax was not in the list. School could buy this software by it's own, but should I tell you what is the cost of group license? Hence it was not a big deal for me to persuade school administrator to switch to a better solution - another grate open source project - Blender (



Activities within Fedora

To revenue back to the project I'm trying to be helpfull on users' mail list (grate place, by the way!), assisting some help to other users.