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* '''Skype''': hernan.vivani
* '''Skype''': hernan.vivani
* '''Twitter''':[!/hvivani hvivani]
* '''Twitter''':[!/hvivani hvivani]
* '''''':[ hvivani]
== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==

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[edit] Hernán Ignacio Vivani


My name is Hernán Ignacio Vivani, from Mar del Plata, Argentina.

[edit] About Me

[edit] Contact

  • Email: hernan at
  • IRC: hvivani on #fedora-admin (freenode)
  • Lenguage: English, Spanish
  • Fedora Account: hvivani
  • Personal Web page:
  • Skype: hernan.vivani
  • Twitter:hvivani

[edit] Activities within Fedora

I'm fedora-admin contributor at free time. Free Software and Fedora evangelist.

[edit] Events

Postres Balcarce S.A. was one of the first private companies in Argentina in migrating all of its IT structure to Linux. Not only the servers, but also all the desktop users migrated to Linux Fedora. We where called by the CISL2011 to give a conference of our case of study: Postres Balcarce en la CISL2011