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=== Packages ===
=== Packages ===
Profile in pkgdb:
Profile in pkgdb:
* [ gmqcc]
* [ SDL2]
* [ json-parser]
* [ xonotic]
* [ xonotic-data]
* [ teeworlds]
* [ scanmem]
* [ gnotime]
* [ minetest]
Contributing to:
* [ vzctl]

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Igor Gnatenko
[[Image:|none|Igor Gnatenko]]
Personal Information
Birthday: 23th December
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Language: Russian, English
Home: Moscow, Russia
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: ignatenkobrain
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail: i.gnatenko.brain AT gmail DOT com
GPG-Key: 21B0C5E9
Homepage: [http:// ]
Jabber: i.gnatenko.brain AT jabber DOT ru
IRC: ignatenkobrain
IRC-channels: #fedora-qa #fedora-blocker-review #fedora-meeting #fedora-ambassadors #fedora-desktop #koji on freenode #gnome-hackers on gimpnet
ICQ: {{{icq}}}
RHCE Certification:

Igor Gnatenko

General Info

My name is Igor Gnatenko. I have experience with Linux distributions for more than two years.. Currently, I use Fedora, and hopes to contribute to this community.

  • I have been using Linux since 2009. I have used Fedora since 2013. I also have extensive experience with other distribution Like Debian, Ubuntu, ArchLinux...
  • Now I'm CIO in ORG.RU company


  • Email: ignatenkobrain AT fedoraproject DOT org
  • Fedora Account: ignatenkobrain
  • Location: Moscow , Russia

Activities within Fedora


  • I was a student in MIIT (Moscow State University of Railway Engineering). I have experience with Linux distributions for more than two years..



Fedora packager


Profile in pkgdb: Upstream_release_monitoring:

* vzctl-core vzctl-([0-9.]*?)\";a=tags
* gnotime DEFAULT SD-DEFAULT:gnotime
* scanmem scanmem-([0-9.]*?) GOOGLE-DEFAULT:scanmem


Currently awaiting review

Reviews I've completed

Reviews I'm working on


CSS and JS terminal in HTML: GitHub Repository

VKontakte Connection Manager for Telepathy: GitHub Repository

Fedora experimental hamster

Test days:


Fedora QA