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Jack Aboutboul

Jack Aboutboul is a member of the Red Hat community Architecture team and a long-time Fedora community member working closely with Fedora Marketing,Fedora Ambassadors and various other initiatives which you can read about below.

When he's not hard at work creating or promoting Open Source or Open Content, he likes to spontaneously hop on planes and end up in cool places.


Jack's Press

This is delightfully incomplete, one day ill update it with everything.

Current (FY10) Projects

  • Fedora Marketing - Currently coordinating the activities of the Fedora Marketing team
** Marketing/Tasks


  • Fedora @ NASA
  • UniversityTour
  • CMU
  • Recruiting university professors to the OSIE project/FSOSS
  • Succesfully enagaged Oregon State University and the OSUOSL
  • Fedora at OSCON and LinuxWorld
  • Building the Fedora Campus Ambassadors Program
  • More