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Ben Williams

I work as a Windows/Linux Specialist at my Local University.


   * Email:
   * IRC: Southern_Gentleman, VileGent  #fedora, #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-ops, #fedora-unity
   * Fedora Account: jbwillia

Activities within Fedora

  • I love to help people to troubleshoot and fix their problems in the #fedora channel.
  • I am a Fedora Ambassador and a Regional Ambassador Mentor
  • I am a Channelop for the #fedora and member of the IRC Support SIG.
  • I am a founder for Fedora Unity.
  • I am Test-Lead for the Fedora Unity re-spins

Fedora Events Attended

  • FudCon Raliegh
  • Fudcon Boston-RH Summit 2008
  • Ohio LinuxFest 2007-
  • Southeast LinuxFest 2009 -
  • SCALE 2010

I want to learn more about packaging, and i am always interested in learning and sharing what i have learned with others.