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== Other Work ==
== Other Work ==
* See [[User:Jdulaney/Proven_Tester]]
* [[User:Jdulaney/Proposed_fix_Bug_533274 ]]
* [[User:Jdulaney/Proposed_fix_Bug_533274 ]]

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John H. Dulaney


Contact Information


Generally I set up Fedora boxes for people that haven't a computer. I also have converted several friends and peers to the dark side. My primary interests within Fedora lie in figuring out how to break it and then fix it again without too big a kludge. I am also interested in getting non-supported devices working. As such, I am a member of Proven Testers.

Nightly Builds in case I lose the link again

Non-Fedora Computer Related

I enjoy assembly language programming, as well as designing and building computers using outdated technology. So far I've designed and built a computer that uses relays for digital logic and an electronic analog computer that computes ranges and suchlike. My current project is a mechanical analog monstrosity.


I am a volunteer and docent at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC. There I build and restore boats and models. I am also a sailor and amateur blacksmith. I model the original Norfolk Southern Railroad in N (1:160) scale.

I like cheese.



Other Work