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* '''Freenode IRC Nickname''': jensm
* '''Freenode IRC Nickname''': jensm
* '''Fedora Account''': jensm
* '''Fedora Account''': jensm
* '''Jabber''' : jensm /at/jabber /dot/ org
* '''Jabber''' : jensm /at/ jabber /dot/ org
* '''Email''': jensm /at/ fedoraproject /dot/ org
* '''Email''': jensm /at/ fedoraproject /dot/ org

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Checkmark.png Fedora Ambassador


  • Name: Jens Maucher
  • Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
  • GPG key: 0xB73F6247
  • Freenode IRC Nickname: jensm
  • Fedora Account: jensm
  • Jabber : jensm /at/ jabber /dot/ org
  • Email: jensm /at/ fedoraproject /dot/ org


  • Helping users to install/customize Fedora on their system
  • Reading Wiki and edit pages, if there are errors
  • Want to learn more about packaging and C

About me

Hello, my name is Jens. I'm using Linux since round about 4 years. One of my first Distros was RH9, followed by many other distros like Debian, Mandriva and so on.

Occupational i'am working as electronic technican in the "Network Audio" industry. In my freetime i'm doing one of my favourites.. Hamradio.