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Jens Maucher
Jens Maucher
Personal Information
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Home: Germany
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: jmaucher
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GPG-Key: 8A2553C1
IRC: jensm on Freenode in
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Jens Maucher

About me

I'm Jens. I was born 1972 in Freiburg i. Brsg. First contact with computers was in the 80's with a C64. I was in the German Army for four years and was ranked as Sergeant. My job in the army was the signal-services through radio link system. I'm using Linux since round about 4 years. Since the beginning of 2013 i do a correspondence course in IT specialist system integration (end is nov 2014).


  • Scuba diving
  • Linux
  • Music
  • Movies

Member of


  • Helping users to install/customize Fedora on their system
  • Reading Wiki and edit pages, if there are errors
  • Finding bugs and write reports
  • Translations via Transifex

Future Plans

  • Go on with learning python
  • Complete the german translations docs-release-notes and docs-user-guide


I joined the Ambassadors in May 2009 and i am member of the Ambassadors Germany.


  • 2009
  1. September 2009 FAD EMEA 2009 Rheinfelden, Germany
  2. November 2009 Openexpo Karlsruhe, Germany