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=== Links ===
=== Links ===
* F15 Alpha tracker bugs
* F15 Alpha tracker bugs
** [ Proposed Blockers]
** Blockers - [ proposed], [ accepted]
** [ Accepted Blockers]
** Nice-to-have - [ proposed], [ accepted]
** [ Proposed NTH]
* F15 Beta tracker bugs
** [ Accepted NTH]
** Blockers - [ proposed], [ accepted]
** Nice-to-have - [ proposed], [ accepted]

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James Laska
James Laska
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I have been involved with release testing Red Hat Enterprise Linux products starting with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1. Currently, I manage a dedicated team of Fedora QA engineers. Among many things, we are responsible for expanding/sustaining/supporting a Fedora QA community, maintaining and providing status on Fedora release criteria, and identifying/building tools or process to streamline our work. I've been called many things, but the funniest is an officer of bureaucracy.

Oh, and how could I forget ... I like chicken!

Activities within Fedora

Quality Assurance