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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

General ideas/discussion intended to ensure a successful GNOME3 release in Fedora 15.


  1. What is success for GNOME3 and Fedora 15?
    • There is some talk that GNOME3 might be received in a similar manner as KDE4.0 ... is that good, bad?
  2. How, or will, the Fedora Release Criteria be impacted by GNOME3?
  3. Are Desktop SIG and FESCO in agreement on what is needed and expected from a default desktop experience for Fedora 15?
  4. Is a multi-release GNOME3 feature roadmap available and maintained? This might be helpful to assuage any users/maintainers who are unhappy because a feature they relied on is not currently available.
  5. What kind of Fedora marketing/buzz is planned to raise the profile and get people excited?
  6. Does How to debug Xorg problems need to be updated?
  7. Do we need a How to debug GNOME3 problems page?

Documentation Gaps

  1. Identify and document panel applets that are no longer available in Fedora 15 (e.g. Weather and stock applets).
    • Provide development roadmap/documentation for integrating GNOME2 applets with GNOME3 shell experience
  2. Must document an easy method for disabling GNOME3 shell and reverting to GNOME2