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= My Name and Surname =
*My name is Julian Aloofi
*I'm 17 years old
*I'm from Germany
*I like the idea of Free Software and I'm happy to help where I can
== Contact ==
* '''Email''': []
* '''IRC''': My IRC-Nick on is nailuj24, you can generally see me in #fedora, #fedora-de, #fedora-devel, #bzr, #supybot and #linuxoutlaws
* '''GPG key''': My GPG key is [ EE41C821]
* '''Fedora Account''': My FAS account name is ''julian''
* '''Blog''': You can check out my [ blog]
* '''''': You can also find me on []
* '''Launchpad''' and '''Gitorious''': I do most of my little projects or contributions on [ Launchpad] or [ gitorious]
== Activities within Fedora ==
*I'm translating wiki pages if I see they don't already exist for De_DE (German) and think they're important.
*I'm maintaining [ some] packages
== Events I attended ==
* [[OpenRheinRuhr2010|OpenRheinRuhr 2010]]
* [[FrOSCon_2010 | FrOSCon 2010]]
* [ GUADEC 2010 The Hague]
* [[FAD_Niederrhein_2010|FAD Niederrhein 2010]]

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