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General Information

General Information about me:

  • My name is Julian Aloofi
  • I'm 15 years old
  • I'm from Germany
  • If you want to contact me:

Experiences and skills which may be useful for my contribution to Fedora

  • I know both German and English well
  • I already translated package descriptions in the Debian project(they had a pretty nice web-frontend)
  • I've been using Linux since three years
  • I started with C, after understanding the syntax and concepts I switched to C++ because of the STL and the easier way to handle Input/Output. Then I discovered GTK# and Mono. I first liked it, but then I found out about the patent problems. Now I still don't know whether to use Mono or not. After looking at the obvious alternative Java I still like it more... I will make a decision some day...
  • My C knowledge is not big enough to fix bugs in C applications and I don't think I'll expand it soon.


I currently work in the following projects:

  • I really want to see MOC in the Fedora repository.
    • I already made a package and requested Webspace for it, but unfortunately I lost it. I apllied some patches, and I don't know when I want to start again with searching bugfixes and packaging. It's my own fault. At least now I know the importance of a backup concept ;)
  • I'm translating wiki pages if I see they don't already exist for De_DE (German).